Diving & Snorkeling

Site Name - The Conch Wreck Type - Scenic Fish Depth - 20M Boat Time - 45 Min

Our Rating - Excellent

Site Name - Kiralagala Type - Scenic Rock Fish Depth - 39.4M Boat Time - 25 Min 
Our Rating – Excellent. This dive is accessible only for divers with PADI Advanced Open Water certification or PADI Deep Diver specialty course experience.

Site Name - Deep Rock (Diyamba Gala) Type - Scenic Rock Caves & Fish Depth - 22M Boat Time - 20 Min

Our Rating - Excellent 
Site Name - Earl of Shaftesbury WreckType - Fish Depth - 12-14M Boat Time - 35 Min

Our Rating – Good. An old British iron sail ship.

Site Name - Off Coral Gardens Type – Scenic Coral Caves Depth - 13M ,Boat Time - 10 Min 
Our Rating – Excellent. Fauna from little Moray Eels, Pufferfish, Porcupinefish, Sea Slugs. Has quite a few underground caves and valleys.

Site Name - Black Coral Point Type – Scenic Rock Depth - 30M ,Boat Time – 10mins
Our Rating – Good. Beautiful black coral and quite abundant with small creatures for the macro enthusiast.

Site Name - Goda Gala Type – Rock Fish Depth - 22M Boat Time - 20 Min 
Our Rating – Average. A multi level rock complex including Honeycomb Moray Eels.

Site Name - Sunil Gala Type – Rock Fish Depth - 18M, Boat Time - 20 Min

Our Rating – Average.

Site Name – Tunatta Rock Type – Rock Fish Depth - 13M Boat Time - 15 Min 
Our Rating – Average. Very shallow dive site with Lobsters, Pufferfish, Boxfish, and Porcupinefish can be found here.